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Price List
Friday, February 22, 2019

Ask about food and treats for your dog -- Dog bones $3.00 each Special -- Eggs $5.00 dozen
Pasture Raised Pigs
Ground Pork8.99 Lb
Pork Chops9.49 Lb
Pork Roast11.99 Lb
Spare Ribs7.99 Lb
Italian Hot Sausage9.99 Lb
Italian Sweet Sausage9.99 Lb
Breakfast Sausage9.99 Lb
Chorizo Sausage *9.00 Pk
Cajun Sausage *9.00 Pk
Smoked Ham11.99 Lb
Irish Bacon *9.00 Pk
Canadian Bacon *9.00 Pk
Hickory Smoked Bacon *14.00 Lb.
* Nitrate Free 
Lamb and Goat
Ground Lamb or Goat16.99 Lb
Lamb/Goat Loin Chops16.99 Lb
Rib Chops16.99 Lb
Boneless leg of lamb22.99 Lb
Leg of lamb or steaks17.99 Lb
Sholder Chops15.99 Lb
Lamb Riblets11.99 Lb
Stew meat lamb or goat16.99 Lb
Lamb Chorizo Sausage15.99 Lb
Pasture Poultry
Whole Chicken5.00 Lb
1/2 Chicken5.50 Lb
Boneless Breast12.00 Lb
Thighs8.00 Lb
Legs7.00 Lb
Wings5.00 Lb
Heritage Turkey8.00 Lb
White Turkey6.00 Lb
BonelessBreast15.00 Lb
Leg/Thigh combo7.00 Lb
Wing5.00 Lb
Other Poultry
Whole Duck ( when available)9.99 Lb
Whole Rabbit8.99 Lb
Rib Steak18.99 Lb
T-Bone Steak17.99 Lb
Porterhouse19.99 Lb
Filet Mignon27.99 Lb
Top Sirlon13.99 Lb
Sirloin Tip11.99 Lb
Flank Steak15.99 Lb
Skirt Steak15.99 Lb
Flat Iron13.99 Lb
London Broil11.99 Lb
Roast10.99 Lb
Top Round Steak11.99 Lb
Ground Beef8.99 Lb
Patties9.50 Lb
Stew-Kabobs8.99 Lb
Sandwich Steaks9.99 Lb
Brisket9.99 Lb
Short Ribs8.99 Lb
Soup Bones3.99 Lb

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